Mammal Research Institute celebrates 50 years!

The University of Pretoria's Mammal Research Institute (MRI), within which our Marion Island Marine Mammal Programme is seated, is turning 50 years old! The MRI is dedicated to research and teaching on the biology and ecology of African mammals (including marine mammals off it's coasts and into the Southern Ocean). Efforts include the conservation of our indigenous mammal fauna in the context of sustainable human development.

In celebration of this achievement, the MRI will be hosting a symposium in the Kruger National Park, aimed at establishing a "Blueprint for Mammal Research in Africa for the next 20 years". Several illustrious national and international academics and conservationists will be  part of these ambitious efforts. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING AND BEING PART OF THE DISCUSSIONS WHERE YOU CAN HAVE YOUR SAY ABOUT THE FUTURE OF MAMMAL RESEARCH AND CONSERVATION, registrations are still open, although abstract submissions have closed. 

The prestigious journal Mammal Review has launched a virtual issue in commemoration of the MRI's 50th and is providing free access to a selection of scientific reviews related to African Mammals. MRI 50th Virtual Issue in Mammal Review

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