Sean Evans

MSc Student


I am currently a SANAP-funded, Masters Candidate in Oceanology at UCT who will be working with the MIMMP in aid of my dissertation. In 2016 I graduated with a B.Sc. degree in Marine Biology/Ocean and Atmospheric Science at UCT. I continued my studies at UCT, completing a B.Sc. Hons degree in Ocean and Atmospheric Science in 2017. My minor dissertation was aimed at assessing the reliability of a merged Sea Surface Temperature satellite product in the Southern Benguela. During my minor dissertation, I was employed as a Marine Scientific Assistant at Lwandle Technologies, a marine consulting firm in Cape Town.

An unquenchable thirst to experience and understand the complexity of our environment has driven me to the scientific faculty, where I wish to achieve an in-depth knowledge of Marine Science research. My masters project will focus on the use of Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) data available from instruments deployed on Elephant Seals to access the stratification of the upper water column and provide environmental context for the Fur seals in the Sub-Antarctic region. The foraging behaviour of these Fur Seals will then be investigated with special attention to the way they react to physical oceanographic features such as thermoclines.

In my spare time, I take an interest in photography, surfing, free-diving and spear-fishing, hiking, birding, trail running and essentially exploring the natural environment. Lastly, I enjoy scuba diving and am a qualified Class 4 Commercial Diver.