Martin Postma

Research Collaborator


I'm the chief operational manager at a private institution called, PhotoVolumetriX. However, I have a keen interest in both temporal and spatial body mass variation of marine and terrestrial mammals. My current research focuses on methodological advancements, specifically in the field of photogrammetry and its application to wild animals, in particular mammals. Recently I completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of Pretoria's Mammal Research Institute, where I initiated the first steps for a non-species specific body size estimation method. Prior to the post-doctoral fellowship, I completed my PhD “Photogrammetric mass estimation and life history consequences in large mammals” and MSc “Photogrammetric estimation of mass fluctuation in female southern elephant seals at Marion Island” within the MIMMP. I partook in a year-long research expedition to Marion Island (2009/2010) and a 3-month research expedition to Antarctica (2015/2016).


My publications can be viewed at: Research Gate