Kyle Lloyd

PhD Student


I am a doctorate student within the Mammal Research Institute, University of Pretoria. I have a broad interest in ecology; having triple majored in Botany, Entomology and Zoology at Rhodes University. There I also completed a joint honours in African Vertebrate Biodiversity and Botany. My projects investigated a diversity of topics, including pollination biology, diet, biological control, bush encroachment and ecophysiology. I completed a Masters in Conservation Biology at the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, University of Cape Town where I gained further insight in the social sciences. My minor thesis investigated the role of predation on the population dynamics of social weavers. This cultivated an interest in population ecology and ecological networks. After having worked on Marion Island as a sealer in 2016/2017, I returned to study for a PhD on the population ecology and life histories of male elephant seals. I hope to apply the theory and skills I learn in population demography to answer practical conservation-based issues in my future career.